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Join The Mob

The Company I work with, The Mob’s Press is always looking for humorous and original content creators as mob recruits in all major cities, and yes, towns, villages, crossroads, rural areas and shire hobbits for that matter too. As long as you contain some manner of topic expertise… and can write and photograph what you see and experience at venues, events, hangouts, shows, comedy clubs, festivals, and parties. Writers who are peddling social causes, politic causes and financial editorial.. only apply if you’re witty, and not too dry. Fanatical is totally o.k. though. To read the full story on how to become a mobster, click here.

Are you a writer looking for a place to publish your works? Want to start a blog but now sure how? Join the mob and express yourself through words while supporting what you love and are passionate about.

Are you a photographer wanting more exposure? Do you want access to festivals and shows to grow your portfolio? You can join the mob too! Upload your favorite images that display your style, share posts about your work or favorite photographers and cover events with our content creators for maximum exposure.
Maybe you’re a cultural producer who needs a place to share their press releases every week. We have a place for you too. We have an events page dedicated to PR and promoting events.

We want you ALL! Sign up today and become a mobster tomorrow.

To join the team at you must demonstrate superior language skills, have a decent number of social media followers on your blog or facebook profile/page; and a good attitude towards movies like the God Father and shows like the Soprano’s.

Simply fill in the form to send a submission to the mob. Please read contributor agreement here.